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Presentation video for the processing center.
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Animation movie for online service.
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Personal animated movie.
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Backstage photo shoot for calendar design.
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Presentation video about a new cosmetic product.
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Animated character movie.
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Video presentation is the seller
who works 24 hours a day.

One and the same product can be explained in different ways.
Using a commercial, you can do this faster than through the text.

The commercial will help you solve the following issues:
probl_poisk Your product is known for a limited audience

Put a video in
social networks, in Youtube,
at the exhibition went to
email or show their clients
at the meeting.
your the product will be known.

probl_nastr You have a complex and confusing product.

The video details
explain to the buyer
features of your product,
its purpose, as well as
the advantages
and benefits of use it.

probl_stat Plenty of visitors
leave your site.

Place the video
presentation on your
site. Visitors will be happy to watch it and
to get interested
in your products.

In the mailing lists
On your website
On the channel YouTube
In the social networks
In advertising network Yandex
Across Google display advertising
At the exhibition/conference
In the network Indoor video
At a personal meeting
USE the video presentations on various
channels of promotion, in order to
achieve a maximum effect.
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The scheme of work.

You call or
leave a request
on the site.

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Our manager
will contact you,
clarify the task,
calculate the cost.
If it is necessary, we
will conclude the contract.


Copywriter studies your product,
identifies the key advantages
and the messages you
want to convey to the consumer, writes text.


I agree with you
suitable sample voice
and music. Speaker
recites the text.
Sound prepares
audio series.


The art director and designer
visual concept.
The designer draws the schedule.
We offer


Video designer creates
animation /
makes the installation.

We rent you a video.
Each stage agree with you,
so the result is pleasantly predictable.
Over each of your project work
team of specialists.
The owner of the studio accompanies each project.
Quality and deadlines are monitored
at all stages of work.
Oleg Shatava
The head of the studio.
Expert in visual communications.
Work experience in the field of marketing, design
and project management - 14 years.

OUR ANNOUNCERS are the actors of the theater.
They know how to convey emotion and the essence of the message.
Foreign announcers are native announcers.
(The video will sound naturally).
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And further.
Web programming and application programming. Face recognition and computer vision.
Chat bots. Robotics. Development of animation, explaining and video clips.
Corporate films, presentations and rear virtual 3D tours.
Architectural overflights.
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of solutions for you and calculate the cost.
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